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15 Questions With Sandra: co-founder @ The Knotty Ones

Every few weeks, we ask women we love — be it our talented knitters or our muses — a set of 15 random questions, giving you an opportunity to know them a little better. We kick this week off with Sandra, one of our co-founders.
Quick facts:
Name: Sandra Pangonyte

Age: 31
Lives in: Vilnius
Occupation: Co-founder at The Knotty Ones
Instagram: @sandra_pangonyte
1. Sandra, what's your happy place?

I have two of them.
Bali has become my second home and part of my heart is left there. It's so very easy to feel happy there.
Druskininkai — and our small cottage house by the lake — is my ‘Bali’ in Lithuania.

2. And your greatest adventure?

I still think it’s my 7-month trip to South East Asia alone.

  • 3. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

  • Probably about traveling in SEAsia.
    I actually gave a couple of speeches publicly and then have been advising so many friends  —and friends of friends — on the topic since my return back home that I feel a bit like an Asia's Expert Lithuania.

  • 4. What was the last book you read? 

    Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s life changing I promise!

    5. What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

    Meeting my partner Paulius.  
    Have you ever consider what are the chances of meeting "the one"? I just read an article that said it was just 1 in 500.
    I do not believe in fate. So maybe it was luck?

    6. What are you scared of? 

    It’s funny, the ocean and surfing are my two biggest passions and the biggest fears at the same time. Every time I go surfing where the waves are bigger than me, I have to spend some time on the shore to calm myself down and shut the scary thoughts off.

    7.Your worst habit. 

    Sampoerna clove cigarettes every time I come back to Bali… I know :D

    8. Any good habits?

    Perhaps it’s sports! Feeling in a bad mood? I do sports. Feeling low in energy? I do sports. Feeling unable to solve a problem? I do sports! Feeling nostalgic, unhappy, concerned, bad-tempered, mad, angry, lost….whatever. I choose sports :) My recent massive crush (other than surfing, wakeboarding, and volleyball) is Muay Thai <3

    9. You start your morning by…

    My mornings are the most precious part of my day. I like them super slow. I love to wake up earlier than my family and have some time only for myself, to sit silently outside and have a cup of good coffee and some healthy breakfast. I love that with my maternity leave I have my brekkies as long as I want them to be. Sometimes for the half of the day :)

    10. What is your earliest memory?

    Bringing a “secret” for my mum in my hands and then seeing her run away screaming loudly. That small “secret” was actually a frog.

    11. Best compliment you ever got. 

    I’ve recently been told that I  ‘shine inside out’. I think that’s cute.

    12. Describe your go-to look. 

    Black skinny jeans, a white boyfriend t-shirt (yeah, I’m mad ‘borrowing’ my boyfriend's tees), a good knit, a vintage leather jacket and a pair of rockstar boots.

    13. Your go-to party trick. 

    I have a few of them :D. Probably, dancing weirdly on the dance floor would be considered ‘
    so me.’

  • 14. What was the last song you listened to?

  • Just a minute ago I listened to this. I’m so into Peaky Blinders -- the show, the soundtrack, the characters!

    15. What movie title best describes your life?

    ‘The Dreamers.”

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