We make cute knits that are pretty damn sustainable.

Inspired by old-school local crafts, we focus on timeless designs, ethical manufacturing and premium natural materials. Each piece is meant to last a lifetime. 

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our sale explained

As a brand we believe in transparency — from materials to labor. That's why we feel it's also important to talk about our sale.

Operating an independent label that focuses on knitwear has its own challenges. Like, steep drop in sales after the holiday period , when fast fashion labels launch their seasonal sales... or a force majeure . Yet we still have salaries to pay to artisans, mostly stay-at-home moms in rural areas, who rely on us as their main source of income. 

By cutting our margins that help us grow as a business and our co-founders forgoing their salaries for the upcoming months, we hope to generate enough cash flow to obtain job security for our crew of knitters throughout this period. You save a few bucks, another woman gets job security.

Sounds like a pretty great way to spread some love. 

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Your Knitter's Dream

Your Knitter's Dream


The Knotty Ones was started with the dream to provide stable jobs, fair wages and financial independence to women, mostly stay-at-home moms in rural areas of Lithuania, who otherwise would not have these opportunities in life.  

Now with each purchase (or with no purchase at all), you can choose to donate directly towards a dream of a woman who made your knit.

See what our knitters dream of here.


We employ craftswomen, mostly stay-at-home moms, around Lithuania. The majority of them live in villages and small towns where jobs are extremely scarce. We ensure that they earn fair wages and are able to provide for themselves and their beautiful families. 



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