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Haja (18) & Van (22)

Giving us sisterhood goals since 1998. Haja: "My older sister and I are totally different. But at the same time, we have the same preferences — music, movies, artists. And I love her not only because she calls me a 'little froggy,' but because she understands me fully. Even without any words. She is my biggest motivation." Van: "I remember those times when as a kid I would trick my sister into thinking that her biological parents were frogs from the nearest forest and she was simply adopted by my parents. My sister was never dull-witted, but my logically constructed arguments about gene mutations had convinced her gullible mind. She blindly believed everything I said. Now she's 18 and I still...

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Sandra (29) & Akvile (28)

Met 6 years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party. Sandra:  "In the 6 years we know each other, we've shared a whole damn lot. Ages ago, even a boyfriend. Now, one would think that that's a pretty brilliant reason to hate another girl, right? Not quite. Sure it wasn't easy dealing with that, but somehow it made us so much stronger. We're true to each other — be it happy, sad, bad-tempered or foolish. Akvile makes me entirely comfortable with my flaws. Or poor life choices, for that matter. But most importantly, she supports me in my ventures no matter how crazy they might seem. I mean, look at us starting a company together. She's all I could ever ask for." Akvilė:   "The...

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