Meet Miglė: A Graphic Designer-Turned-Goldsmith

Miglė began in Berlin in 2018, offering unique, made-to-order jewellery for daily and fantastic occasions. Founded by a graphic designer-turned-goldsmith, the label is distinguished by a rich visual language inspired by currents in art and design. We fell in love with Miglė's most recent amber collection, and invited her to join our "Made By Our Friends" section. Of course, we sat down for a chat, too.

Can you tell us more about how the Miglė Editions was born?

It was a happy accident! After studying graphic design in Amsterdam, I moved to Berlin for a job at a multidisciplinary design studio, where I got to work on projects within different fields of design. Once, researching production possibilities for a project the studio was developing, I came across a metal workshop open to public, where professional goldsmiths and hobbyist could come in to use the tools and equipment. I got curious about producing that project myself, so I began learning goldsmithing. I loved the craft and started making jewellery for myself, later for my friends, then friends of friends.. until one day I had enough courage to quit my job and focus on jewellery full-time. So it grew very organically and gradually.

If you had to describe your brand in 3 words, what would it be?

Curious, sensitive and imaginative.

Each of your collection is very unique, has its own story & angle. How do you come up with ideas? Where do you look for inspiration?

I think that a lot of my creative processes are influenced by my background in graphic design and design thinking. Inspiration is usually fuelled by curiosity and observation. A lot of my ideas are born in the very familiar everyday situations: while biking to work, talking to friends and strangers, riding the subway, or trying to fall asleep. A sentence read on a billboard or a conversation overheard can prompt a creative train of thought. I also get inspired by visual art & cinema a lot and visit exhibitions frequently. In general, I try keep my eyes open and survey the world around me.

Migl%u0117 Editions jewelry

We fell in love with your amber collection, a modern take on something traditional. It's a very specific material though, mostly associated with the Baltics. How is it perceived in other countries?

Something very familiar to us in Lithuania, amber is quite exotic and undiscovered elsewhere. It is a surprise to many that this ancient material comes in a large range of colors, from opaque white to deep black, from earthy green to fluorescent yellow, apart from the better known brown hues.

In Germany, where I’m based, amber is known and, like in Lithuania, it’s mostly associated with grandmothers’ beads, jewellery from the 70-80s and hippie vibes.
My new collection sees amber in a fresh, contemporary role, taking it outside art galleries and souvenir shops and into the world of street fashion. To me, amber is an incredibly fascinating materiala true time capsule giving us a prehistoric glimpse into our planet—and I’m excited to share this fascination with others.

How does sustainability tie into your brand?

All of my pieces are hand-made in small quantities and independently of the standard AW/SS fashion cycle to avoid overproduction; a lot of my jewellery is made to order. I always recycle the metals I use and choose to purchase recycled materials whenever possible. Through my brand I also aim to support and highlight other independent designers by working in collaborations and creative exchanges.

What would be your fav pick from The Knotty Ones?

I absolutely love the grey Kalvos vest! I think this product is such a fresh interpretation of a seemingly a conservative garment. I like the flowy and oversized silhouette as well as the chunky collar. I’d pair it with a white t-shirt and the Large Amber Hoops for an understated contemporary look.

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