All Fulfilled Dreams

  • Valentina

    A flat screen TV

    Ms. Valentina has been dreaming of a big, flat screen TV. Like the ones you see in the movies! She explains to us that the one she currently has distorts colors and is the size of a "banana box". And damn, we think she deserves a fancy, flat screen TV! Especially given how much she loves true crime TV series.

  • Regina

    A set of new teeth

    Regina’s biggest dream is fixing her teeth: orthodontic visits in Lithuania are super expensive but she hopes she’ll feel less self conscious and more open to dating when she’s happier with them. This is one of our Knitter’s Dreams that we’re hoping to help her fulfill. We’d love to see her beautiful smile more often!

  • Ingrida

    Coffee machine and barista classes

    Ingrida loves a good cup of coffee and usually grabs hers from the local gas station. She'd love to make it at home and save money, so we're planning on gifting her a coffee making course so her lattes can be as good (or better) than anywhere else outside her home. Ingrida has five children, so she definitely needs a caffeine-fuelled energy boost and deserves some time to relax and enjoy her coffee in peace!