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Allowing Our Knitters To Dream Bigger

The Knotty Ones was started with the dream to provide stable jobs, fair wages and financial independence to women, mostly stay-at-home moms in rural areas of Lithuania, who otherwise would not have these opportunities in life. 

We make sure that our knitters earn enough to provide themselves and their families with the basics of a decent life — be it a warm meal on their dinner table, school supplies for their kids, medical care, clothing, paying electricity bills or housing. While we wish we could increase our knitters' salaries beyond just a fair wage, the reality of operating a small independent label with design, marketing and premium material costs does not necessarily allow us to do so. 

We wanted to create a platform that gave our knitters a realistic shot at achieving their bigger, wilder dreams. 

Now with each purchase, you can choose to donate €10 directly towards a dream of a woman who made your knit. 

While for you these dreams might seem not that crazy at all, they truly are for many garment workers around the world. If you wish to do so, you can choose to add a €10 donation to your purchase. It will go directly towards making these dreams come true. If your rather not, that's totally cool too. We are super grateful for helping us create stable jobs and incomes for women.

The Dreams of our knitters:


Marina tells us that every single time she opens her computer, she has no idea “what those pop-ups say”  not to mention she would be completely lost if she ever went traveling abroad. 

Marina started feeling the need to learn English even more since she joined The Knotty Ones team  she currently takes care of dispatching all packages worldwide. She is most curious to understand what people are saying in English about knits she made with her own hands. She often checks The Knotty Ones Instagram account, especially comments. She tried translating them multiple times, however, most of the time it’s too hard for her to figure out the exact meaning. Marina is super determined to master English  that way setting the example for two kids of her own and a teenage girl she's fostering,

Marina isn't the only one who is keen to learn English. Nijole also shares the same dream. She says it's extra hard these days when you don't speak English — be it traveling or even watching TV.




Toma has been dreaming of traveling to Japan since she was a little girl. She really admires how Japanese traditions have been preserved by centuries. While there, Toma would love to meet local people, learn more about their traditional cuisine  maybe even give cooking a shot  and simply get immersed in the culture. She has read all about it in the books already, but this dream of hers seems completely unattainable to her so far.


Aldona dreams of getting to travel around Europe with her husband one day  just like couples do in the movies. France. Spain. Austria. Any country, really! She wants to learn everything about them all. Aldona is especially fascinated by the mountains, nature, and architecture of big cities. So is her husband. Their three kids are all grown up now, so they finally could find time for that romantic trip they've never had. Except that these trips can be pretty expensive.

“Maybe one day...” Aldona tells us. 



Both Danute and Marina live in tiny villages in Lithuania. The infrastructure to get to their nearest towns is practically non-existent. Both women say that getting a driver’s license would be a complete game changer.

“I feel bad about constantly asking neighbors,” Marina explains. “They all have their routes and day-to-day lives. I actually tried driving a few times. My husband was super patient while teaching me. Sure it was terrifying, but I loved it. I’d love to be independent! Just imagine, whenever I need I could just hop into a car with my kids and go!”

"This might sound insanely crazy  but I would do anything to go on a road trip in the USA. Passing a driver's license is the first step," says Danute.

A few seconds later, she adds: "Is this dream... too big?" 

We don't think so.


Nijole would love to lose a few pounds. As she explains, for someone with diabetes — like her — weight control is especially important. It's not only about the looks, but rather learning how to incorporate a healthier diet into her overall diabetes management plan.

"It's kind of obvious what kind of foods impact your weight and health, but I know nothing about yummy healthy alternatives or how to cook them. So I just end up eating junk." Nijole tells us."Taking a course on nutrition or cooking healthy meals would be my biggest dream. Truly."

Let's make these happen!