Meet Eglė Žiemytė, the designer behind our best selling knit

Lithuania’s coolest designer and the face behind our first genderless capsule collection. If you'd told teenage us that one day we'd design a collection with Eglė Žiemytė, we'd never have believed you. But it happened, and we're still pinching ourselves. 


Eglė, you've created our Ethno and Patch Sweaters along with Žemiau Cardigan - what was the inspiration behind these knits?

I would definitely say these knits were inspired by Lithuanian traditional crafts and patterns, our ethnic themes, and quilts that our ancestors made. 

The color blocking and pattern mixing you'll spot on Patch and Ethno sweaters were designed to represent the lands of Lithuania and the fragmented areas of land seen from a bird's eye view.

Did you have a vision of how these knits should feel, both visually and emotionally?

I really wanted the sweaters to portray our Earth's rawness and have a light vintage feel. I wanted it to exude coziness, naturalness, softness and warmth. I think it's safe to say we’re all super happy with the result.