Meet Ieva: A superwoman with insight to the perfect sleeping routine

Sleep coach, creative soul, owner of sustainable kids’ sleepwear brand Petite Provocateur, mom. We stumbled upon Ieva on Instagram and fell in love with her superwoman energy. We then got to know her properly during a photoshoot (spy her rocking our Preila Cardigan) and asked if we could have a chat about her sleeping rituals and her sustainable kids’ sleepwear label. 


Ieva, how did you get interested in sleeping rituals and what has grown from your passion so far?

I’ve always been interested in the meaning of dreams. After my kids were born, I started thinking more and more about the slow evening rituals of my childhood bed sheets washed by my grandma that smelled of lavender and dad’s calming bedtime stories… I wanted to pass these traditions on to my kids.

I started creating sleepwear for kids to inspire parents to create evening rituals and to be present here and now. All of this opened the door for me to the world of the science of sleep, so last year I started Sleeping Coaching studies in the UK.


Could you walk us through your perfect evening or sleeping routine?

There are no strict rules when it comes to the perfect sleeping routine. It’s all about finding a unique ritual created by each family. Your perfect ritual is something that has to make you happy and that gives you the skills for a good night’s sleep from early on, as well as inspiring you to get the most benefits of a good sleep.

Take a moment to say an intentional goodnight. There's something calming knowing that your surroundings are going to sleep too. Keep your rituals consistent. Only consistency creates rituals.