Meet Pasaka: Our new collaboration with supermodel Giedrė Dukauskaitė

Pasaka means fairytale in Lithuanian and this knit is all about stories passed down through generations. Combining Giedrė's famed chic off-runway style with a deep dive into our country's heritage, it's made from extra fine Merino wool with a high neck that's universally flattering. Our new design comes influenced by Giedrė's humble childhood in the countryside and features a range of Baltic symbols close to her heart. 


Giedrė, can you describe your style?

My style always comes from within. I want to put a piece of my heritage in everything I do. The Lithuanian countryside is a big part of who I am, so I draw inspiration from exactly there. Our country has so many ancient symbols and signs inherited from local folklore: something that was important for us to emphasize with this knit.



How did you choose the patterns for Pasaka knit?

I wanted to choose symbols that reflect my childhood growing up in a small village surrounded by Lithuania's beautiful trees and greenery: everything from the horses in the stables to the daily process of getting water from deep wells at my relatives' houses. I also wanted to reflect the importance of family. You always need family to lean on when there are difficulties. You need to remember who you are and where you come from.

The patterns made from these symbols embody mystical and sacred virtues. They are key to understanding our culture. My roots are the traditions, crafts and visions lived and created by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.



What about the fit?

I've always loved high neck sweaters and wanted to design one that was chic and flattering on all body shapes. I love how soft and cozy it is: perfect for wearing under a blazer or coat with its little peekaboo of pattern. I wanted something fitted. Not overly loose - a shape that stops at your jeans so you can still show off your belt.


How did you pick the colors for the knit?

For the colors I wanted something timeless, something gentle but also something that adds a contrast within the knit. The third color added secretly under the sleeves is just a little extra love we put in for everyone to discover.



We'll be donating a portion of profits from each Pasaka knit sold to a women's shelter in Lithuania.

"We've been supporting Vilniaus Moterų Namai since the Slabada Knit. I believe in sisterhood, I believe in women standing together with women and supporting each other," Dukauskaitė says.